Vital Stats

Charlotte LawsVital Statistics:

Full Name – Charlotte Anne Laws

Hometown – Atlanta, Georgia

Star Sign – Taurus

Birthdate – May 11

Hair color – Light brown

Eye color – Blue

Religion – Jewish Jain.

Favorite foods – Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and French toast.

Favorite books – “Ethics” by Baruch Spinoza and “Against Ethics” by John D. Caputo

Hobbies – Tennis, writing, step aerobics, animals, philosophy

Favorite movie – Down with Love

Favorite Song – I’ve Never Been to Me

Political affiliation – Independent

the reflection of Charlotte LawsInteresting facts:

Born in a car on the way to the hospital. Adopted at birth.

Voted “Best Dressed” in High School (It was a uniform school)

Moved to California with only $500

Has worked over 30 different jobs (including politician, bodyguard for a prostitute and cab driver).

Was held at gunpoint in the mid-1980’s when a man broke into her apartment

Met her husband through a dating organization on the night of the 1994 earthquake

Crashed an audition to land her first movie role and has gotten past Secret Service four times (once to interview the President).

Her Full Biography can be found on this page.